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The larger the wheel hub, the better


The wheel hub is one of the important components of a car, which is an important manifestation of its performance.

However, the larger the wheel hub, the better.

The reasons for this include the following:

1. Reduced driving comfort

An oversized wheel hub is relatively heavy, requiring more power to propel the car forward, increasing fuel consumption and driving noise.

At the same time, oversized wheels and tires are thinner compared to smaller wheels, resulting in significant body bumps and reduced driving comfort during driving.

2. Reduced braking performance

Compared to small wheels, the braking area of large wheels decreases and the inertia of wheels increases.

Therefore, during emergency braking, the car requires a longer braking distance, which hinders braking performance.

Moreover, larger wheels require larger brakes to maintain braking performance, which means higher brake costs.

3. The suspension system is prone to damage

Excessive wheel hubs cause a greater burden on the suspension system during driving, which greatly affects the seismic performance of the vehicle body and can easily cause damage to the suspension system.

In addition, excessive wheel hub weight can increase the overall height of the car's center of gravity, affecting its handling and stability.

4. Limited power performance

The large wheel hub requires more power to propel the car forward, thereby limiting its power performance.

Especially during the starting and acceleration process, the car requires more time to accelerate, which has a negative impact on the overall performance of the vehicle.

Therefore, in order to improve and stabilize the performance of the car, it is not only necessary to consider the size of the wheel hub, but also to make choices based on the characteristics and usage characteristics of the car itself.

In order to improve the driving and braking performance of vehicles, vehicle manufacturers generally choose the size of wheel hubs within a certain range. It is recommended that car owners should carefully choose according to their own situation and follow the principle of reasonable balance when changing wheel hubs.